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A Security System You Need For Your Fishing Gear (yes, even your boat)

After the podcast with Michelle Adams of ArachNet the comments and emails came to life. It seems as if many of you have interest in the product but wanted more information about what it is exactly and how it works.

So, let’s chat some more on the subject.

What Is It?

ArachNet is a two-pronged approach to security. It all starts with an elastic netting (similar in appearance to a spider web) that you can spread over your personal belongings. For instance, a truck bed, golf cart, kayak or boat deck. The netting acts as the sensitive webbing to the security system – a spider shaped motion detecting alarm.

The premise is to act as a security alarm for your belongings. We can use the boat deck for an example.

Say you have your boat decked out for a weekend trip to the lake and you stop by the tackle shop on your way to the ramp. Before you head into the store, you set your ArachNet alarm that you already stretched over your boat deck. If anyone attempts to take your fish finder or tackle the alarm goes off –alerting you of the potential theft and scaring away the thief.

How Does It Work?

I couldn’t take it apart and put it back together if I tried. But, I can give you a little insight on the device.

The ArachNet alarm ‘alarms’ at 120 decibels which is the standard for any car alarm. It is activated or turned on by a key fob that is included in purchase. Once activated, the alarm stays silent until something triggers its motion sensors.

If someone moves the net – either purposefully or inadvertently – the alarm sounds. You can turn the alarm off with the key fob or the alarm will turn off and reset itself after 30 seconds.

The motion sensors have been tested and rated for up to 40 mph winds giving you the confidence that there will be few, if any, phantom false alarm triggers.

How Much Does It Cost?

Way less than that Hummingbird unit, rod/reel arsenal, and trolling motor you have on your boat deck.

MSRP: $129.99

Where Can I Purchase One?

The simplest question yet. You can order straight from their WEBSITE HERE.

And if you into social media you can see ArachNet on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, and YOUTUBE.

Tackle Review

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