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A Gift For The Traveling Angler – An Angler Driven Christmas

To continue my series on perfect Christmas gifts for the angler in your life I wanted to take a closer look into a new fishing rod that’s perfect for the traveling angler.

The RG-42 combo with case.

I’m talking about the RG-42 by Rod Geeks…

Let me paint you a picture first. Don’t close your eyes. You still have to read this. But imagine, if you will, this scenario playing out for any angler anywhere.

The fisherman is driving home from work. It’s been a long day with the boss pushing everyone to finish their projects. All the fisherman wants to do is relax, watch the local team play on TV, and maybe have a beer (or two).

But the fisherman is stuck in traffic. Frustrated, he/she stares out of the window to a lake. The same one he caught his personal best bass in only a year ago.

If only he had a rod with him. He could wait out the traffic and fish. Now that’s a way to relax. Only his car is too small to consistently carry his fishing gear. The fisherman sulks. He/she just saw another fisherman catch a fish from the bank.

If only he had a fishing rod he could keep with him at all times.

This is no fable. It has happened to me and I am sure every angler wishes he always had a rod in his car . The RG-42 is the answer to that problem.

Built using a tournament-grade 42’’ rod by Rod Geeks, the RG-42 is ready to be fished the second you pull it out of the case. It includes a smooth reel with line and comes with a pair of pliers and a tackle box inside the 45’’ case.

As their name suggests, the guys over at Rod Geeks know their stuff when it comes to building quality rods and the RG-42 is no exception. Don’t believe me? Check out this video of Anthony Hunt catching peacock bass with it.

Or this one of Mick Linares catching good-sized redfish using the combo. It’s safe to say the rod will conquer most challenges it faces (I want to be the first to put it against a Goliath Grouper).

The RG-42 is quite possibly the best travel rod on the market and the perfect holiday gift for the angler in your life. It won’t break the bank (retailing at $149 but is on sale as I type this for $119) and allows you to hit the water whenever you get the urge.

If they open this gift this holiday season, your angler will thank you!

You can order at www.RodGeeks.com

Tackle Review

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