A New Year, A New Journey, A New Angler

Happy New Year Fishing Folks!

I woke up on January 1st with newfound energy. This is the year that it all will happen. The year when I cement myself as a great angler…

No, an accomplished angler!

See, I have three goals for myself for 2019. One that may be a bit daunting. One that will take a lot of time. And the last which will facilitate them all. The goals are as followed.

  • Catch a double-digit bass
  • Fish for and catch as many different species of fish as possible.
  • Learn about lures and techniques to be a more well-rounded angler.

This is not a list that’s impossible. In fact, because I live in Florida it is possible it can happen pretty quick. But I am not holding my breath. Let’s see how it goes.

The best part is that I have some of the best brands in the fishing industry helping me out. Huge shout out to ANGLR, Woo Tungsten, Finatic Tackle and Rod Geeks for coming along on my journey. You will be learning more about these brands as we trek along.

To help me along I will get some solid advice from some pretty exciting people. Professional anglers, product creators, and you of course. I can’t wait to learn what you all have to teach me.

Oh, and I am documenting it all on video, in articles, and on the podcast. So, make sure you subscribe to the website and our YouTube channel to receive updates. VLOG #1 will be a great challenge. You don’t want to miss it!

That’s all for now. Gotta finish up a few more articles for the day. Until we meet again – Tight Lines and Big Fish!


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