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An Angler Driven Christmas – Is this the best stocking stuffer you can get?

Let’s face it. If you’re a diehard angler, or have one in the family, Christmas gifts will typically fall into the fishing category. Each year I am lucky to receive fishing related shirts and gift cards to further my passion of the sport.

My family gets me. And they love me.

I expect it to happen, but what I didn’t expect is my family telling me how difficult it is to shop for me. I guess for the non-fisherman, knowing what an angler wants is challenging. So I’m here to simplify things for you and yours.

For most of December I will give you a list of angler-driven Christmas gifts for the special angler in your life (or for yourself). Starting with Erupt Fishing’s RTD – what I call the perfect stocking stuffer.

What is the RTD?

Let’s start with the basics. RTD is short for Rod Threading Device and it is a handheld mechanism that you attach your fishing line to. The RTD is then manually ‘scooched’ up your rod, passing your fishing line through each guide effortlessly to save you time and eye strain.

Check out this video of Dave Mercer talking about the RTD and how his skepticism changed after he started to use the product.

Why is it the perfect stocking stuffer?

It’s small, cheap, and useful. The RTD will fit in any stocking without taking up too much space and at only $29.99 it is affordable.

And unless you know the angler in your life needs a new pair of plyers or is out a certain pound test line then you should go with the RTD. It is a device they will use repeatedly that will save them time and energy.

Where can I find it?

Easy. Head over to www.EruptFishing.com. The RTD can be pre-ordered now and will arrive before the big day. The angler in your life will be one of the first to own the product that wowed so many at ICAST 2018.

Tackle Review

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