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Change Up That Profile And Get Noticed

Big Bass Are No Dummies. I think that statement rings true. When you are looking to catch the Momma Bass and leave the kiddy pounders alone it always helps to utilize a lure that gives the bass a different look. Little tweaks that they have not seen before. That will provide something different than the norm.

But does that mean you have to invent the next latest and greatest lure to hit the market? Not exactly. Maybe you just have to rethink how you are utilizing the baits you currently have on hand.

Take this technique for instance. It was given to me by Cajun Lures owner Zach Dubois while we were discussing one of his staple bass lures, the Bayou Bug. The technique was shared to him by one of his team members, Marcus Newton.

I asked Zach what kind of modifications he makes when fishing the Bayou Bug and if he rigs it in any unusual way and his answer started off as expected.

“Mostly what I do with the Bayou Bug is use a 3/0 flipping hook with a 1/4oz weight,” Zach told me. “And that is my go-to setup for flipping anywhere.”

How anglers typically rig a creature weight. With a hook and weight for flipping and pitching.

I thought to myself yeah, that’s what we all do. I was looking for some juicy tidbits that would give me (and you) an edge. Something we wouldn’t consider on a normal basis. And that’s when he hit me with this jewel.

“I also put it on the back of a chatterbait vertically rather than horizontally to look like a tight action swimbait.”

Wait, what!

I thought about the idea. He is right. Rigging the Bayou Bug vertically would give it more of a swimbait action and beef up the profile. I need to go and give it a test run. Now, do I have any chatterbaits?

A quick stop at Acedemy Sports and I was off to the watering hole that holds some decent size fish.

(I wanted to grab the Jack Hammer by Z-Man but dammit those things are expensive. With my luck it would end up in a tree or stuck on a submerged log. The Project Z Chatterbait should work just fine.)

Here is what I was looking to find out.

  1. What kind of action does the vertical rigged Bayou Bug give me,
  2. How does it look to the fish, and
  3. Would it help you catch more fish?

Let’s see how it fairs…

Wobble Baby, Wobble (in case you haven’t heard the song click here)

Being that the bait doesn’t have a paddle tail or a tail for erratic action, the vibration of the jig makes the appendages on the Bayou Bugs shake back and forth. It shakes back and forth in a way that looks like when a bream or bait fish just kinda quickly moves its tail to swim off somewhere in a quick manner.”

Zach’s word hit the nail on the head. The Bayou Bug worked almost as if it had a fluke type tail, but with more action. The appendages flicked back and forth with each turn of the reel and gave the lure a different ‘wobble’ than other chatterbait trailers.

It definitely was different, but did the fish think so?

Why yes, they did, sort of, I guess, or who knows…

It was a tough day of fishing and the bass seemed to be short striking at everything. Not really committing. I casted out a few other lures with the same results so I am pretty confident it had nothing to do with the Bayou Bug being vertical. Sometimes the bass are just not in the mood, and…

Do we really know what the bass as thinking?

I can tell you one thing for sure. The bass did take some swings at it. More than they did with a regular rigged Chatterbait. Check the box for the vertical presentation.

One thing I did notice is that the profile of the lure combo looked beefier. Perhaps this might look appealing to bigger Momma Bass!

Is it worth your time?

Heck yeah it is. Fishing is all about the subtle differences. The small changes that make the biggest differences. I am willing to bet that your favorite pro angler makes similar modifications like this daily and that’s what separates them from say, an angler like me.

Try it out for yourself and let us know if it works for you. One thing I can say for sure is that I like the idea. It is a technique that I will try out more often to really nail it down and see how well it works.

If you try it let us know how if works for you. And if you have any other modifications or rigging techniques you would like to share please do. We love trying out new things.

But until next time fishing folks. Tight Lines and Big Fish!

You can find the Bayou Bug by Cajun Lures HERE…

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