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Finatic Pro Series Braided Fishing Line Review

I used to be that guy…

You know they guy. The one that says, “Fishing line is fishing line. You don’t need that premium stuff. When it gets old or starts to go bad just buy some more.”

I would then drive myself to the nearest tackle store or Walmart to pick up and spool of ‘Brand X Junk’, go out, and break off fish.

Or get wind knots.

Or loose out on casting distance.

Truth be told back then I never tried the premium fishing line. I was too cheap to care about it. But someone sent me some ‘better’ line to review and my world was turned upside down.

I say this because I want you to get a bit of context about why I feel the way I do about my fishing line. No longer do I buy ‘Brand X Junk’. It’s horrible, and for a few extra coins you can have quality that will help you put more fish in the boat. So, I tried almost every premium line available

Brand loyalty was not an issue and I loved most of them. The quality lines cost around the same and performed, more of less, identically.  I never saw myself sticking to one brand of fishing line…

Until now.

Enter Finatic Tackle

I was excited when Finatic Tackle sent me some line to review. I quickly spooled on the Finatic Pro Series Braided Line and went out. The brand, which is headquartered in California, was started by a group of anglers who thought this segment in the fishing industry could be better.

These anglers took their fishing knowledge, expanded it, and found new manufacturing methods and techniques to build a product that maximized quality. Finatic Tackle was born.

First Impressions?

The packaging was nothing impressive. A simple black and white box with the logo printed on it. However, when I reached in and pulled out the spool the word WOW came out of my mouth.

The braid had a different look to it. Finatic Tackle calls it a Tri-Color Camo which I have only seen something similar once. It looked fantastic. Just how I would like it too. But how would it perform?

Tough Enough To Handle The Rough Stuff

You ever had that noisy braid? The one that lets you know that you made a cast by singing you the braid song? Well don’t worry about that with Finatic Tackle’s braided line.

It comes off the reel smoothly on both spinning and casting gear and provides exceptional casting distance. And it is worth me noting that I got it hung up constantly (I’m a bad caster) and was able to pull it free without it breaking and minimum damage to the line.

Knots held firm, the braid did not break, and it was able to pull plenty of bass out of the thick Florida grass. The kicker was when it wrangled a hefty 10lb redfish away from dock pilings like a champ!

The braid is tough and here is why…

It’s Made Different

I can sit here and say I know the ins and outs of braided line and why some are better than others, but I won’t lie to you. I just know that some line outperforms others and it has a lot to do with how they manufacture it. I will let Finatic Tackle tell you the rest.

Via Finatic Tackle’s website – Finatic has developed a completely proprietary weave of Spectra fibers and color combinations, combined with aggressive braiding methods to bring a whole a new category of world-class braid to the market.

Finatic Pro Series Braided Fishing Line utilizes a cationic dyeing process that fuses the colors directly into the individual fibers of the braid, preventing the color from bleeding after time on the water. Along with this revolutionary dyeing process, it should be noted that Finatic Pro Series Braid is constructed with the “1 over, 1 under” braiding method, using six-carriers, so that the angler has the benefits of the toughness and abrasion resistance found in four-carrier braids, while maintaining the casting ability and smoothness found in eight-carrier braids. 

  • 20% Tighter Weave
  • Six-Carrier Braid
  • Cationic Dyeing Process Prevents Bleeding/Fading
  • Class Leader in Casting Ability
  • Tri-Color Camo (Available in Green/Black and Blue/Black)

Get it? It’s like nothing else and it works.

Is It Worth It?

I would say yes. In fact, I am switching many on my reels to Finatic Tackle braided line and Fluorocarbon (the fluoro review coming soon). I am not easily impressed, and the wow factor happened too often with this new fishing line.

Would I recommend it? Yes.

Will I fish with it? Yes.

Will it put more fish in your boat? I believe that is a yes as well.

But don’t just take my word for it. Try it out for yourself.

You can learn more about Finatic Pro Series Braided Line at FinaticTackle.com

Tackle Review

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