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Lure Review — The Cooyon Croaker by Cajun Lures

When is a frog (toad) more than just a frog? I’ll let you know in this article.

It’s called the Cooyon Croaker by Cajun Lures and after initially catching my eyes it captured my heart and secured a permanent footprint in my tackle box. Here’s why…

It Gives Off Just The Right Amount Of Buzz

There are plenty of buzzing toads on the market that makes a good deal of commotion as it wakes on top of the water. Sometimes, in my opinion, they cause a bit too much. But the Cooyon Croaker has seemed to find a healthy medium when it comes to getting noticed.

The legs on the Croaker are long and curved and begins to move and buzz at the slightest turn of the reel. They give you a good bubble trail without overdoing it, making the Cooyon Croaker versatile to fish when the bass are skittish and easily spooked by other noisy topwaters.

The Legs Do Even More

This is why the Cooyon Croaker shines in my opinion. Let’s face it. Bass don’t always want to commit to a topwater lure. Sometimes you have to go just below the surface and work the water columns. This lure can help you with that without having to switch rods or tie on another lure.

Check out the video below and pay special attention at the 35 second mark. (But watch the entire video. It’s great!)

Yep, you saw that correctly. The Cooyon Croaker can swim! And it looks just like a frog when it does.

Let’s say you have noticed that the bass are not really coming up to the surface. Stop your retrieve, give the rod a jerk, and the lure sinks and swims. You can fish it at any depth, through vegetation, and at almost any speed.

But It Does Even More

I wanted to see how far the Cooyon Croaker was willing to go, so I took it down deep. Fished it like a craw or creature bait with great success.

The legs on the lure uncurled with every twitch – mimicking the action you would get on a typical craw or creature bait. And although the action is not as great as the other two, it is still great to know you can have one lure tied on and fish the entire water column.

BONUS – It Catches Redfish Too

Yeah, I know that many of you reading this do not have redfish swimming in your local waters, but for those of you who do….


This lure is sure to utilize some Cajun voodoo trickery to conjure up a redfish or two on during your next saltwater trip. If the reds aren’t chewing on your popping cork and shrimp lure give them something different to look at. The Cooyon Croaker should be right up their alley.

The Cooyon Croaker is available at CajunLures.com and are $6 for a pack of four.

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