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Podcast — Talking Fishing with Zach Dubois – owner of Cajun Lures

Fishing Folks – Let me introduce you to this episode’s podcast guest, Zach Dubois.

Zach started Cajun Lures a few years back after doing a few experiments in his kitchen and in college. The results were amazing lures make to catch fish.

Cajun Lures eventually took the state of Louisiana by storm and is now making its way across the US and into a tackle box near you. One lure, the Cooyon Croaker, is on my list as one of the most versatile lures you can tie on the end of your line.

Zach comes on the show to talk about the start of Cajun Lures, creating the perfect color, and goes in depth on a handful of his lures that will help put more fish in your boat.

You don’t want to miss this one. Let’s welcome Zach to the TFJ Podcast!

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