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Quick Tip: Take Your ANGLR Bullseye Everywhere You Go

Here in Florida there is a lot of water. Way too much to fish in a lifetime, although I sure am trying. Most hold fish but there are some ponds and lakes that carry the big ones. And I mean pond bass that can easily reach double digits in size! You never know which ones they are until you have a look around.

I often drive around just to scout these ponds and see if its worth me coming back with a rod and reel. For example, on a recent trip I had about an hour to kill and decided to see where the bass might be bedding in the coming months on a pond I pass by quite often.

The bass were nowhere to be found because of a cold front that moved through Florida, but the water was gin clear and I can clearly see structure and areas where bedding would take place.

My ANGLR Bullseye was on my hat, as it always is, and I put it to good use.

WAIT WHAT? You don’t know what the Bullseye is? Click here to see what it’s all about. Go ahead. I’ll wait…

Got it? Good. Back to the story.

So, I proceeded down the bank marking waypoints of bedding areas with the ANGLR Bullseye and came across a huge log in the water. Marked! A deep hole? Marked! A shadow line made by overhanging trees? Marked!

I even marked a wooden bridge with loose boards. You don’t want to step on one and scare off the fish.

Every waypoint is then customized so that I know exactly why I marked it. In a few months, these waypoints will come in handy as I search for Big Momma during the spawn.

It’s a no brainer. Take your ANGLR Bullseye everywhere you go and never miss an opportunity to learn where the bass are.

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(I wonder if the Bullseye can help me remember where my favorite snacks are in the grocery store…)

Fishing Tips

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