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Reel Adjustment Tricks That Work!

Want to cast farther, stop backlashes, and catch more fish? Here’s how…

Fishing success hinges on honing your skills and there is no better skill in the bass fishing world than knowing how to use a baitcaster. When it comes to these mechanical wonders how to adjust your reel seems to be the #1 question asked. In the above video, Matt  Allen of Tactical Bassin gives his viewers some great tips to help you skip and cast accurately.

In the video, Matt breaks down key pointers he uses to become a better caster but indicates that the adjustments should compliment your skill level. Starting with two brakes on and two off inside your side plate is great for beginners while three brakes off and one on is his set up and suits a more experience angler. Also, the reel tension knob should allow your bait to free fall instead of the conventional ‘controlled fall’. There are many reasons for this and I suggest you watch the video as he explains it perfectly.

Although every reel is different and every angler’s skill level varies, these tips will still help you become a better angler. Be sure to give the video a thumbs up if you find it useful and subscribe to the Tactical Bassin YouTube Channel for more great content.

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