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TFJ Takeover – Scrounger Head Fishing with the Jenko Fishing Tremor Head

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Ok, before we start please allow me to get this off of my check.

I didn’t want to write this. Not because I didn’t feel like it. And it wasn’t because it was a hard topic to discuss.

I didn’t want to write this because it is my little secret (I think), and I didn’t want the fishing masses to know about it.

Selfish I know, but this technique simply catches fish and many anglers look over it.

Let’s talk about Scrounger Fishing!!!

What Is Scrounger Fishing?

Scrounger fishing is the use of a scrounger head to catch fish. The scrounger head is just a jighead with a soft plastic lip. Picture a bladed jig (or just look at the photo above).

Typically, the scrounger head comes into play when bass or other fish become accustomed to other baits like a crankbait. Add your favorite fluke soft plastic to the back of the jighead, cast out, let it fall to the bottom and slowly (or quickly) work it back to the boat.

Trust me! It catches FISH!

Are All Scrounger Heads Created Equal

Ummmm. That’s tough to say. Scrounger heads are not very popular – at least not down here in Florida – and the ones I have tried seemingly work well. But I have become partial to one and it had everything to do with the trailer you pair with it.

It’s the Tremor Head by Jenko Fishing. And you must pair it with the Tremor Shad to maximize its potent fish catching abilities.

To start, the Tremor head comes in ¼, 3/8, ½, and 3/4oz sizes, two to a pack. It utilizes stout Mustad hooks and a specially formulated bill that gets maximum vibration and movement out of your lure. To make things even sweeter all jighead sizes come with medium and large bills with the longer bill giving you more action at slower speeds.

Pair that with Jenko’s Tremor Shad and you are in business. This swimbait comes in four sizes (3.5’’, 4’’, 5’’, and 7’’) and is specifically designed for the Tremor Head. The soft plastic is hand poured, soft and pliable, and gives off an amazing action when attached to the right size jighead.

How Do You Work It?

For starters, I throw it on a 7’6’’ heavy rod and about 30lb braid. Let it sink to the bottom of a drop-off and slow roll it back to the boat. Give it a twitch or two but remaining in contact with the bottom is usually enough to elicit a bite.

The trick is to find the right speed and cadence that bass want. Find the rhythm and you find the bite.

And don’t be afraid to change it up. Swim it like a bladed jig, bump it like a crankbait, and sweep it like a spoon. Any way you slice it the Tremor Head and Shad combo will catch you fish.

But Why Is It Your Secret Weapon?

Simple. People aren’t throwing it. The bass are not accustomed to it. And it WORKS. I’ve caught bass, flounder, snook, tarpon, sharks, and redfish over the years using a scrounger setup and until the rest of the angling community catches up, I will continue to slay the bass on this often-overlooked combo.

Check it out for yourself and watch the magic happen.

The Jenko Fishing Tremor Head and Tremor Shad are available on JenkoFishing.com and Tacklewarehouse.com

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