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The Cajun Lures Takeover

Have you ever seen a lure that makes you say wow? One that gives you the urge to click onto their website and make a purchase immediately?

That’s how I felt when I first laid eyes on the Cooyon Croaker. It was different. It looked crazily amazing. And the action was (enter any bad ass emoji here)!

The Cooyon Croaker by Cajun Lures

A quick phone call and a few days of waiting for the US to thaw out and I had a few packs here in the office to review. I made my plans to take it out and excitedly took my first cast.


Did I mention that I hate frog fishing? I’m not good at it and would rather use a buzz bait to elicit my topwater explosions.

“That’s it…. Work it like a buzz bait,” I thought to myself. Not entirely confident that this would help me sling a frog like Ish Monroe. But I made the adjustments and… Well…

Bam. Bloop. Glurp. Slurp. The bass loved this crazy legged lure and I loved it even more.

I’ve known Zach from Cajun Lures for a few years now. Always liked his brand but never fished any of it. That had to change, and it needed to be now. Why not have them takeover The Fisherman’s Journal next?

That leads me to today and the rest of the week. Cajun Lures will be highlighted throughout The Fisherman’s Journal. Tomorrow we will talk more about the Cooyon Croaker and take a deeper look into a few more Cajun Lures as the week progresses.

And we will have a great podcast with the guy behind the fish catching madness, Zach Dubois, on Wednesday for you to enjoy.

So, sit back, enjoy your Monday, and get ready for an information filled week on TFJ.

This is the Cajun Lures Takeover!

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