The One App Every Angler Should Be Using

The Fisherman’s Journal needed… well, a journal.

I mean we have the digital uses of the website that acts as my personal journal, but to become a better angler and catch my double-digit bass I needed something that could track my progress and help me dissect what I am doing right and wrong while on the water.

Sure I have used apps in the past but none really set themselves apart from the rest. I’m a finicky guy and I like what I like. I just didn’t like what was on the market. That is until I revisited ANGLR.

Full disclosure – when I first heard of ANGLR I dismissed it as just another fishing app. ‘It’s the same data and info as the others,’ I thought. It wasn’t until I began this crazy journey I am on before the ‘I need this’ mentality presented itself. Once I looked into it a bit more I saw the full potential.

Ok back to the app. ANGLR is an app that records almost everything while on the water. Weather, water temperature, waypoints, gear used, and a host of more data. You can access your data via the (Android or Apple) app on your phone or tablet as well as via a desktop or laptop computer. All of this is FREE to the angler.

The beauty of ANGLR comes in the form of devices that help an angler get more data and fish without the worries of logging everything manually.

There are two devices you can use alongside the app. The Tracker and the new Bullseye. The Tracker is a sensor that attaches to your rod and performs a lot of hocus pocus magic to record your casts, hook sets and catches. It also drops waypoints with the press of a button.

Imagine knowing how much you cast, where you cast, how many fish you lost, caught, and fought. All detailed in your app via the Tracker. Data like this can help you during tournament time.

The Bullseye is simply a button you can put almost anywhere. The bill of your hat, a lanyard, your shirt collar, or anywhere in arms reach. Click the button once and the Bullseye records your catch and the data (same data as above) associated with that catch.

Push the button twice and the Bullseye records an editable waypoint so you can mark any fishy looking structure or that honey hole you just discovered just in case you may want to revisit it another time.

Here is a link describing the Bullseye…

So it’s not just an app. It is a system that adds powerful data collection and convenience to your fishing trip. You don’t have to worry about having your phone out and recording everything manually. And you definitely don’t have to sell an arm, leg, or kidney on some expensive electronics (Well maybe you do. Have you seen that Panoptix with LiveScope? AMAZING!)

Just don’t take my word for it. Download the ANGLR app for yourself (here for Apple and here for Android). Or you can simply head over to www.ANGLR.com and sign up there.


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