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The Top Three Fishing Shows On TV (according to my kids)

It’s a constant fight in my household.

What do we watch on TV? What the kids want or perhaps my wife (WINNER EVERY TIME)?

And what about me? Who wants to watch some fishing shows?

Usually, the answer is no one. I mean – and let’s be truthful with ourselves – most fishing shows consist of the same boring stuff. They just change the hosts and add a different location. A copy of a previous version that is quickly becoming stale.

So, when my kids sit down and watch hours of fishing content at one time, I take note. The show must have a bit of everything. Fish catching, education, and excitement. Something a lot of television shows – and let’s put YouTube videos in there as well – are missing.

You might be wondering what shows could cause a 5, 6, and 8-year-old boy to sit down for hours. Well let me tell you and discuss why my kids enjoy them so much.

Here are the top fishing shows airing now according to my kids.

#3 – Dave Mercer’s Facts of Fishing

I don’t know if this show still airs on TV. My household has been without cable for some time now. But I do know that clips are still available via Dave Mercer’s YouTube channel and it is here that my kids enjoy the ‘guy with the laugh’.

Facts of Fishing has the trifecta. An energetic host with a laugh that will make you laugh even if it’s not funny. Different locations and fishing techniques to keep the content fresh. And plenty of live action fish catching foolery.

Put it all together and you have a show even a five-year-old will watch.

According to the FOF website you can view the show on World Fishing Network, the Outdoor Channel, and Sportsnet 360 (Just don’t hold me to it. Remember, I don’t have cable). If you can’t find it on any of those channels the Facts of Fishing YouTube channel has you covered.

#2 – Major League Fishing


Many anglers won’t like this one, but Major League Fishing is FUN!

And for my sons it’s a down right hoot to watch.

Just in case your lake has been iced over for the past decade, the MLF is a competitive bass fishing show that pins anglers against each other in a timed race to catch a certain weight of fish. The competing anglers receive up to date info on how much time they have and the amount of weight the other anglers have which leads to quite the few anxiety filled anglers on the water.

This format also makes for an exciting show. Like Facts of Fishing, MLF checks off all the boxes and then injects steroids into them. Instead of one entertaining host there is a dozen (or so). The locations change regularly. And if you want to see fish being caught this is the show for you.

Not to mention it is on television or online what seems to be every hour. Make no mistake about it, my kids would watch every show if they could.

I’m not going to even try to tell you where you can view Major League Fishing shows, but the Discovery Channel and World Fishing Network is a great place to start. Simply head over to their website to see the schedule. Click it and enjoy!

#1 – Fish My City

Mike Iaconelli   Mike Iaconelli   Mike Iaconelli

I could leave it at that but let’s dig a bit deeper as to why this is perhaps the best fishing show you can watch today.

First, because it is Mike Iaconelli. Look him up here, here, and here. Enough said…

Second, it takes you out of the comfort of your everyday fishing. Mike is what you could call a big city fisherman and he takes his love of inner city fishing into different places across the world to teach you about their species of fish, how they catch them, and why anglers love them.

And last, because it is suspenseful. Mike is trying to catch many species of fish he never caught before. Most time he succeeds with the help of a local to guide him through the process, but from what I hear, he won’t catch every targeted fish.

Either way, it is fun and entertaining to watch him try.

A few nights ago, I was catching up on the Miami episode of Fish My City. I didn’t finish the show but was informed that my kids stayed up well past bedtime to watch every episode that has aired. My kids! Sitting peacefully together watching a fishing show!?! For hours?

Mike if you are watching you can babysit anytime!

There you have it fishing folks. The top fishing shows you should be watching according to my kids. Check them out. Tell us what you think. And add to the list.

Oh and teach your kids about fishing. They are the future of the sport and are needed to help it grow.

Until next time. Tight Lines and Big Fish

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