What’s Up With Those MLFers?!?

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Some people have been boasting that Major League Fishing has the 80 best anglers fishing the new BPT (MLF itself only states that it is the strongest line-up of all time which I am in about 50% agreeance with) which caused a lot of bunched up breeches among professional anglers.

And I can understand why.

Imagine a group coming out of nowhere and hand-picking people to fuel their world dominance. These hand-picked people are the ‘elite of the elite’. Better than everyone else. But you weren’t picked….

Wait what….? I just beat these guys a few weeks ago.

That’s the feeling among some well-deserved anglers who are in the prize money, finishes ahead of, and has the same amount of success on the FLW and BASS trails. They deserved to get an invite and didn’t. Feelings were hurt as I am sure mine would have been too.

Numbers have been crunched and I can safely assume that they prove the fact that the top 80 anglers are not just fishing the BPT.

The debate of the best anglers will rage on, and of course, cause a lot of drama. Providing tournament fishing fans with a soap opera drama filled expectation in 2019. This upcoming Bassmaster Classic will be the most watched and dissected tournament in bass fishing history.

But none of it matter. And here is why.

Major League Fishing is looking to grow rapidly and to do so they need not only quality anglers, but the best brands in the fishing industry. I’m not talking about tournament sponsors. I’m talking about the brands of the anglers. They need the best faces to put on tv.

I know what you are thinking. No, not the best looking. The anglers must have the most coverage, best sponsors, and be great at fishing as a bonus. MLF is building a brand and want the best brands to be a part of it.

In other words – MLF wanted the best names in the business, not the best anglers. And I believe they accomplished just that.

SO WHAT!?!?! Who cares. It does not matter.

For now, there are three major tournament trails. MLF has the biggest names, BASS the reputation, and FLW the sustainability. As an angler, now is the best time to make a name for yourself and become a fishing superstar!

BASS will be looking to give new anglers opportunities. To build the next KVD. And FLW will continue to truck along – letting nothing bother them and their tournament fishing assembly line. As an angler, I would be drooling over the opportunity to takeover BASS. The remaining anglers have a wonderful opportunity ahead of them and a chance to make big $$$ as BASS changes its well-oiled machine to compete with MLF.

It is a good time to be a professional angler.

So, don’t fret over who has the better anglers. Watch them all, fish like ya got some new money (because you do) and enjoy the ride.

Tournament bass fishing is heading to a beautiful place!

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